Sunday, 20 April 2008


Last night Rachel and I had a 'Celebration of Julia's (my) Graduation, and Rachel's Sweet Sixteenth.' It was so awesome! We went bowling at Elizabeth Bowl-Land, and played one game of bowling, and then afterwards we headed back to my place. I have no idea of who won and lost, except for on the team that I was on, and I don't want to embarass anyone anyway. I didn't lose, but I came MIGHTY close! I had planned for Elyse and Rosie to make a cake each for Rachel's birthday so that she wouldn't find out about it (she came over my house yesterday afternoon), and then we were going to surprise her by bringing out the cakes at my house, and singing Happy Birthday. What I hadn't counted on, though, was Elyse and Rosie planning for Elyse to make a cake to celebrate my graduation!!! I really loved it, even though I was a little embarassed. It really made me feel special :)

Here's just a few photos:

Rosie, Me, Nick, and Kate

Josh C, Michael, Rosie, and Kimberley G.

Tim, Annabelle's head, Jimmy, and Paul


Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Sweet Sixteen....

It was my best friend's birthday on Sunday. Rachel is now Sweet Sixteen! Rach and I have known each other since we were at least two (the earliest photo we've found of us together was at her 3rd birthday, which is posted down the bottom:) ). That makes 13-14 years of history! She is the oldest in a family of four kids, is also homeschooled, and has always been there for me. When we were younger, she was always the peacemaker between me and another friend of ours. I wish I could say she was the one that got me into trouble, but I think we both had equal parts in that! Like the time we tried moving her little brother without our mum's hearing us, and almost dropped him (and got caught). We would've been about 4 at the time. I'm not sure which of us thought that one up :) Or the time we went down to the creek near my house, and Rach fell in while we were checking the depth of the water with sticks. We got her out, and then she sat by the creek while I rode my bike back home, sneaked into the house (not easy to do with 8 people in the house), grabbed a towel, and rode back down to the creek without anyone seeing me (I was too scared of being caught to feel any pride at this accomplishment). She borrowed a top from me that was similar to hers to wear to church that night, and when she got home that night, she told her mum what had happened. Me, on the other hand, I kept it a secret for years and never told my mum. Well, not until now, anyway (sorry Mum!:) ). Rach and I have heaps of memories and photos.

Updated to add: This is the photo of Rach and I at Rach's 3rd birthday

Monday, 7 April 2008

The Funeral

My BIL's funeral went really well (well as well as a funeral can go). I could definitely sense God's presence there. I cried heaps, but that was really good. I loved getting all the hugs from people. I felt truly blessed that day.
Thankyou Lord, that we got through it.

My sister, Kristy, has posted a tribute to her husband here.

Thursday, 3 April 2008


Tomorrow is my brother-in-law's funeral. The amount of people coming down from my church for the funeral, is astounding. Once again, I stand amazed at how much my church family has rallied around us, and continues to support and love us. I'm hoping to sing on stage with the music team in church on Sunday, and I really hope I don't cry. Please pray that God's peace will be on our family, especially my sister tomorrow. Please pray that we will know his presence without a doubt.