Tuesday, 16 December 2008

100th post

I have two choices:

1. Take my hair down because I believe that it being up at the moment is giving me a headache

2. Sit at the computer, eat lollies, and hope that the headache will go away because, hello! my hair is finally out of my face!

I'll leave you to decide what choice I made :P

In other news, this is my 100th post!!!! Yay! Let's have a party!

That's actually quite sad considering I've had this blog for over a year.

Hmmm.... anyone getting the feeling that I need to post more?

Last Saturday I went to Kapunda with Rach to hand out juice, balloons, and stickers at a street party. Rach works for Flow FM which is a radio station. Flow FM were emceeing the event and were handing out free stuff, and so Rach asked me if I wanted to come and help.

I had so much fun! We walked up and down the main street about a hundred times, which was probably a good thing because we ate three doughnuts each, and had a steak sandwich for lunch. It was great to be able to hand out free stuff, and see little kids smiling. We were smiling all day :)

At one point, Lisa's (she and her husband Wayne own the radio station) shoe broke, and so we went with her to see where we could find a pair of shoes that she could buy. First we went to the chemist, but all they had were some ugly masseuse (?) shoes. However, one of the women working there said that the op-shop at the AOG church were having a sale, and so we headed on down there. When we got down there, they had some good shoes that both Lisa and Rach loved. What was most exciting though, was that all their women's clothing was $1 each!!!! I got a gorgeous red dress, and a pair of 3/4 bright yellow pants, and Rach got a few things as well. The great thing about the red dress was that it would normally cost at least $30, but I got it for $1 :)

Another highlight of the day was that I got to hold a snake!! Twice!

I got a little creeped out when it started to turn its head my way, and again when a kid brushed it up against my arm when I wasn't expecting it, but it was so cool!

Some kids finally got Rach to hold one as well, and we got heaps of photos of both of us holding the snakes, and also other kids holding the snakes.

We got heaps of photos from the day, but I have to get them off of Rach first.

It was a great day, and I'm so glad I went :D