Thursday, 5 November 2009

6 Challenges in 1 Month

I've found that if I don't challenge myself to do something and tell quite a few people about it then I don't end up doing it or I burn out halfway through. Ie. running, keeping my room clean etc.
A challenge means that I'm only doing it for a particular amount of time, and telling people means that I'm accountable to finish it.

With no further ado, here are the 6 challenges and their rules:

Challenge starts: 9th November 2009 and finishes 6th December 2009 (4 weeks)

1. Cook dinner two times per week
Rules: Use recipes from the cookbook entitled "The Potluck Club Cookbook" from the section entitled "Potluck Dishes It Up (Casseroles)". Must use 8 different recipes.
(I already cook dinner 2 times a week, but I want to improve my cooking skills by not only cooking easy dishes)

2. Run 3 times a week
Rules: Run on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday working up to 1.3 kms in 3 weeks at the absolute outside. (Saturdays are also acceptable if one of these days don't work out)

3. Clean my room for 20 minutes a day
Rules: No matter whether or not my room is neat, I must clean it for 20 minutes a day.

4. Wake up at 7:30 each morning
Rules: I must start getting up at 7:30am. I read my Bible in bed, so this means that I don't necessarily get out of bed straight away, but I must begin doing something whether it be reading my Bible or getting out of bed.

5. Eat 2 pieces of fruit per day
Rules: I have to finish two pieces of fruit a day.

6. Vacuum the house once a week
Rules: Before the week is over (Sunday) I must vacuum the whole house. My Mum will be very happy about this challenge :P
(This is one of my jobs that I'm supposed to accomplish every week, but don't generally tend to accomplish)

I'm tempted to add more, but I know this will be quite a challenge for me to accomplish so I'll leave it there.
Should be fun!!

I'll be blogging the recipes that I cook, and hopefully I'll be blogging about the different aspects of each challenge as I go :)