Thursday, 30 July 2009


Rach and her family went away on the 20th for a holiday, and they asked Elyse and I to house-sit for them.
They get back tomorrow, and I'm kind of wishing they didn't (no offense Rach. I want you to come back, I just don't want to leave your house :P). It's been fun, and it's been good.
Without any further ado, I give you a list of pros and cons about house-sitting for Rach's family:


  • I don't have to check with someone every time I go somewhere.
  • I can read lots
  • I'm only vying for the computer with one other person :P
  • I don't get told to clean up
  • I have a 50/50 say in what we have for tea
  • I can have the music up loud without someone telling me that the kids need quiet to concentrate on school
  • I've had some good conversations with Elyse
  • I've been able to spend time with Elyse even though we've been going in opposite directions a lot
  • I've been referring to Rach's place as 'home', and my home as 'Mum & Dad's' :D

  • It's a little bit scary knowing that I am ultimately responsible for my actions
  • I've been on the computer a little bit too much
  • I'm responsible for cleaning up my own mess, and no one else will tell me to clean up
  • It's been hard to motivate myself to work (I have been sick as well which has something to do with that)
  • I've had to drive 20 minutes in order to get to all the church activities I'm involved in as well as work in the first week.
  • Elyse and I have had to organize what we're having for tea, or if we're going to our parents houses for tea
It's been really good, and I've really enjoyed it. I miss my family a little bit, but I'm sure if I was to house-sit for longer I would end up missing them more.
It's been lots of fun doing my own thing, and it's been good to live with Elyse because I haven't seen heaps of her for awhile because we've both been busy.

I've been sick the whole time that we've been house-sitting which has been a bit hard, but it was really only this week that it got really bad :(
I'm slowly getting better though I think. I'm not looking forward to going home, but I am at the same time because I miss my family and I miss my normal routine :)

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Catch Up

Well, once again it's been way too long since I've posted, so instead of catching you up with what's been going on in my life (because it's way too long to go through) I thought I'd just post about what happened today :)

I was working today, and Dad needed a 100-metre tape measure so he got me to ring around a few places to find one. I found one at a place about 15 minutes from home for a reasonable price, and so Dad asked me to head down there and get it. I decided that I'd wear Mum's brown boots because I'd been wearing them last night, they were comfortable, and they looked good :)
Anyway, I got to the place, and I walked in and I'm thinking "Okay, I feel SO out of place!" It's a tradesman's store, I'm wearing high-heeled boots and a long denim skirt, and clip-clopping everywhere...
There was a few tradies there, and some of the looks they had on their faces made for a good laugh at myself. I clip-clopped my way through the store looking for the tape measure, but couldn't find it and so I ended up having to go and ask at the desk. I finally got it, paid for it, and clip-clopped my way out.
It was pretty funny, and it made for a good break in my day and gave me a chance to laugh at myself!