Saturday, 15 May 2010

Housesitting Again!

Like the title says, I've been house-sitting again :D
This time I've been house-sitting for my sister while she's been away, and I've really really enjoyed it.
She has a beautiful house, and is so well-organized that it was really easy to look after the house.
I house-sat with Elyse, and we drank copious amounts of coffee. We had 1-2 cups a day :P

I loved having space to myself and getting to decide what we were eating for tea, and how much time I could spend on the computer.
I actually enjoyed having to be responsible and make myself do things. It was really a nice feeling of accomplishment to do the right thing and know that no one else had 'made' me :)

I hope I'm able to do it again (hint hint, Kristy :P)