Tuesday, 28 April 2009

My legs

For the past 2-3 years, I've had a rash on my lower legs. In the past year and a half, it's gotten really bad. I've times where I cannot stop scratching, because while I'm scratching I have relief.
As a result, my legs have been red and raw at times, and I can't shave for weeks on end.
Near Christmas it was getting better and seemed like it had gone. Then I started absentmindedly rubbing my leg, and then scratching, which brought it all back again!
I had a week of relief from it a couple weeks ago, and I thought it might be on its way out, but then it came back full force, and so I've decided to go see a dermatologist. I rang up on Friday, but then found out that I needed a referral. So I went to see a doctor to get a referral, and finally made the appointment today!
My appointment is next Monday at 2:45pm, and it would be great if you could all pray that it would be able to be stopped coz I'm sick of living with it :)

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Jittery, jittery

Wow! I don't think I have ever drunk as much coffee in one day as I did today.
I'm jittery. That should tell you something :)
It wasn't weak coffee either. It was strong, espresso coffee.
I took a barista course today because I've always wanted to learn how to make cafe style coffee. I made cappucinos, caramel lattes, iced coffee (espresso style), hot chocolates, and watched the other girl make affogatos, and normal lattes.
I drank one and a half cappuccinos (one c? two c's?), half a caramel latte, and an iced coffee (well, that's all I can remember anyway).
I'm not hypo because coffee generally makes me sleepy. This lot hasn't been too bad, but my hands are really jittery. Because I'm not used to drinking this much coffee, the guy teaching us told us to drink lots of water over the next 24 hours. In a little over an hour I've drunk almost a litre of water :) I'll probably drink another litre by the end of tonight.
I'm feeling pretty tired, so I'm gonna go. Catchya later

Friday, 3 April 2009

My Week in Hell

Otherwise known as My Week Without Computer :P

It wasn't too bad. It was really hard not to be able to go on the internet and waste time, and it was really hard to think about what else I could do instead.


My room is clean. I now have my brother's old bookcase in there, and my room looks pretty cool. I cleaned it on Sunday, and almost a week later it's still clean!! Miracle of miracles.

I've exercised on my gym ball more. Man, bouncing up and down on that thing for 3 minutes and 48 seconds really kills your legs!
I also got a sore back and really sore shoulders coz I was punching the air for most of that time. Yeah, I'm not really used to that.

I didn't dig into God's Word as much as I had planned, but I did do it a little bit. I started a book called 'Do Hard Things' by Alex & Brett Harris, which is great! I haven't finished it, but it's really, really good.


My plans for the next week are that I'll only spend half an hour on the internet/computer a day. No more. Also, I won't go on straight after work. Instead, I'll do something else like read my Bible, clean my room, wash/iron my clothes, or read a devotional/inspirational book.

It taught me that I can live without the internet, and that I accomplish so much more if I don't go on :)