Friday, 25 May 2012


I am currently 27 weeks pregnant. I'm due in late August, and will be in a wedding on August 4th (unless I have the baby super-duper close & can't make it).

So far, I've had an excellent pregnancy, and have been extremely blessed. There are things that seem hard & a struggle to me, but in comparison with most women & particularly a friend of mine who's 10 weeks behind me, I am having a dream pregnancy!!

I didn't throw up from morning sickness at all. I threw up from a combination of heat exhaustion & dehydration, but not from pregnancy. All I had to deal with was nausea, which I'd already been dealing with before I got pregnant. I've had some fairly awful reflux, but it's manageable most of the time.
I don't always feel beautiful, and I don't always love being pregnant, but I AM thankful!
I am so thankful to be pregnant, and to get this chance to raise a child for God.

I'm trying to dress in a way that complements me & my bump. I don't always succeed, but I don't think I do too horrible a job of it!

Here's some photos that I've taken so far:

 This is me at 20 weeks pregnant 
(excuse the face.. hubby wouldn't let me smile)
This is me at 25 weeks pregnant