Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Emergency.... Emergency.... cont.

Anyway, I got better. I had to use the puffer a few times, but other than that I've been fine. The doctor said it was just Mt. Gambier. She was right because for some reason Mt. Gambier always brings out bad health for people when they visit. I'm not an asthmatic, and for this reason the doctor said that it was probably the time of year, and the hay being cut and everything.

I had a really good time down in Mt. Gambier in spite of that, though. We wiped skirting boards and door frames, we washed walls, we washed ceilings, I painted the cornices in one bedroom and Steve did the rest, Steve painted ceilings, we unpacked kitchen stuff (plates, tea towels etc.), and I mopped while Kristy vacuumed. It was hard work, but it was good to have something to occupy me that actually had a purpose. Mum, you're not reading this are you? :) On the way down on the bus, I watched two movies: "Jump In" and "Evan Almighty". I really liked "Jump In" but I had already watched "Evan Almighty" a while earlier. On the way back down there was no movies, so I listened to music, I read, I slept, I read some more, I listened to some more music, I slept some more, and then I just sat. Very productive I know. It was worth it though. I enjoyed helping Kristy out, and now I can say I had a part in getting their house ready to live in!
Thanks Kristy and Steve!!!!

Emergency.... Emergency....

Last week when I went to Mt. Gambier to visit my sister, I had a trip to the Emergency Room at the Mt. Gambier Hospital!!!! Wednesday morning I woke up feeling a bit wheezy, and with my chest hurting if I breathed too deeply. I wasn't too bad for the rest of the day, but it wasn't getting better, and I think it was slowly, steadily getting worse. We went to house church (home group/Bible study) where they were having a breakup dinner, and it wasn't too bad. However, by the time that we left my wheezing and breathing had gotten so much worse that you could quite clearly hear me wheezing with each breath, and I didn't have to breathe very deep for my chest to hurt. So Kristy rang Bonnie, a friend of Steve's that went to house church, and Bonnie said that the pharmacy shut at 9, and it was now about 9:10. Bonnie suggested going to the Emergency Room, and seeing if they would give us some Ventolin because anti-histamines probably wouldn't do much to help. So we went to the Emergency Room, and Kristy told them what was wrong, and I had to answer a bunch of questions about how I felt, and then I gave the Admissions lady my information. I got seen about ten minutes later, and I got my blood pressure taken, and my heart rate monitored, and then they monitored how much air capacity I had in my lungs, and then they gave me some Ventolin via a diffuser, and left me. FINALLY they came back, and checked me up some more, and then about an hour and a half later I got given a puffer, and we got to leave. to be continued

Monday, 17 December 2007

Driving and Travelling

Sorry that I haven't posted for a while, I've been pretty busy.
I went for a drive yesterday! It was pretty fun. It was lots of fun NOW that I look back on it. Dad said it was ALMOST enjoyable which means that I'm getting there. I went around about a million roundabouts (no exaggeration) and I drove across traffic lights!!! That was the first time I've ever done that, and I braked really well, and I didn't hit anyone!!!!!! (Always a bonus)

On a different note, tomorrow I'm going down to Mt. Gambier to help out my sister Kristy with getting her house ready to move into. Apparently, I'm doing slave labour :) Just kidding, Kristy wouldn't do that to me (I think). Nah, I'm looking forward to it. Plus, I'm going down on a bus all by myself! I'm excited, but everybody else seems to be worried. I don't know why.

Oh, and on a totally different note my brother Tim hit me in the face with a football today! (Sorry Tim, just had to do it!) hehehe. It wasn't his fault (so he says) but I wouldn't know 'coz I wasn't looking. I was just turning when the ball hit me smack in the side of the face. Ouch! And I already had a headache. I don't really hold a grudge against him (not really) 'coz you could see by his face that he was sorry. Although...... he WAS laughing! Hmmmmm.... But then again, so was I!

Monday, 10 December 2007


I love quizzes!!! That's why I took this quiz.

Saturday, 8 December 2007


I just came back from my second real drive. I'm pretty excited! I stalled quite a few times, and I braked hard quite a few times, but over all Dad said that I did pretty well. Last time I went driving, I scared Dad because when he said slow down, I didn't realize that he meant put my foot on the brake. So, I didn't slow down enough, and consequently scared him. However, this time I knew to put my foot on the brake, and I made the turn a lot better. I actually drove in populated areas this time which was scary and kind of exhilarating. Over all, I'm mostly happy with how I drove and I think Dad is too.


There is no such thing as a sleepover anymore (at least not in my youth group). Last night, we had a Girls Youth Group "Sleepover". Yeah right! Amazingly I got some sleep:D. It WAS a fun night, and I had a few good conversations with Melinda (S-I-L) and Steph (friend). It was a singstar sleepover, and it was good even though I only sang one song (my fault). The whole point of sleepovers is now to see how late you can stay up. Well, thanks to Steph (it was at her house) we actually got some sleep! Woohoo Steph! I was joking around all night how next time I was going to bring sedatives along and put them in the drinks. (I wasn't REALLY serious! Honest!) It was really good though.

On a different note, friends of ours have gone away for the weekend and asked me to feed their cat and dog. I took the dog for a walk this morning, and I LOVED it. (there's not very many italics in this) (hehehe) (not many parentheses either) Anyhoo, back to the subject. I really enjoyed it, and it's really made me wish I could have a dog. Mum....... Please? Pretty please??? The reason we can't have a dog is because we have a rabbit, and the dog wouldn't really get along with it. (hmm... I wonder why?) Oh well, not much point to the last paragraph except to say I really want a dog.

Thursday, 6 December 2007


Every couple of weeks in a school term, we have what we call a "homeschooling day". Basically, we go to another family's house along with their kids and another family of kids, and we school there for a day. By doing this, two of the mums (there are 3 families that participate) get a day off, and we kids get to see our friends and have fun. Today we went to the Packers house. Because Joe and Lisa are finished school for the year, they played Monopoly with Daniel P. who's also finished for the year. I finished my schoolwork before lunch, as I think almost everybody else did. However, after lunch, we don't do anymore school even if we still have some left. We choose to do that either later on in the day, or the next day (unless our mums say we can leave it:) ). This way we all get to spend the afternoon together. This afternoon we girls watched about 4 Christy movies. Elyse P. did some beading, but the rest of us just sat there and watched the movie. Normally, I'll do some beading or knitting or some craft while watching the movie. Quite often we will bead all afternoon, or paint our nails, or cook..... The boys generally watch a movie of their own, or play outside, or play on the computer, or play a video game.... We always have an awesome time, and my thanks go out to the mums that thought of this!!!

Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Introducing Me

Well, this is my first post! After much begging of my older sister, she has finally helped me set up a blog. Thanks Kristy! A little bit of information about me: I'm Jewelz, I'm 16, and I'm a Christian seeking to follow God's will. In all (including brothers-in-law, and sister-in-law and nieces and nephews) there is 15, almost 17 people in my family. The two extra people are Steve (my almost brother-in-law, he's marrying Kristy) and my soon-to-be niece or nephew.

Anyway, I'm still doing Year 12, but I hope to be finished in the first term of next year. Joe and Lisa (my younger brother and sister) have finished school for the year, but I'm still schooling, and I have no idea when I'm going to finish for this year.
I'm going to stop blathering on now, but thanks f0r reading.