Wednesday, 13 May 2009


Well, I haven't really posted an update on TAFE in awhile, so I thought I would do that.
I've pretty much finished all of my theory work for Cert 2. All that I have left to do is a resume, which I'm gonna do on Friday at TAFE, and then I'll be finished theory.
That means that on Tuesdays I'm now in the pracfirm all day trying to finish off the one department that I have left! That's right, I am really close to being finished Certificate 2 in Business!!
After that, we're going to sign me up for a second traineeship with Dad so that I can do Certificate 3 in Business Admin.
I'm a little bit sick of studying, but I'm getting some good skills, and it means that I can do more work for Dad. That means that he can focus more on the work that actually brings in the money, which means that he's doing the work that brings in the money which pays me :P
So yeah, I'm really happy that I'm almost finished Cert 2 :)

Saturday, 9 May 2009

What's happening in my life

On Monday I had my dermatologist appointment, and she gave me a stronger cream to put on my legs. I'm supposed to put it on twice a day for a month, and to try shaving without soap.
The cream seems to have already made a massive difference! My legs have barely itched this week, and I haven't scratched them! It's great, especially considering the fact that I've been wearing long skirts all week. I'm LOVING it!

On another note, I've eaten waaaaayy to much junk food this week. If I keep going like this, I'm gonna be broke and as big as a house. Maybe even two houses!
So this week, my goal is not to eat anything that I've bought with my own money.
For example, cream buns, jam buns, icecream... (coffee doesn't count :D)
I really want to eat healthily, but I need to learn to tell myself no.