Saturday, 21 February 2009


It was confirmed on Thursday night that I'm going to be teaching the kids' Bible study at home group.

I'm really excited, but sort of nervous at the same time.
I'm excited because I know that God is going to use me for His Kingdom, and I'm excited to see what He's going to do with this, but on the other hand, I'm nervous because I don't want to teach them incorrectly, that they won't respect me, and that they won't learn anything.

However, I'm stil excited because I know that God is in charge, I know that nothing is impossible with God, I know that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

I'm praying that God will use me in a huge way through this, and that I would grow in Him through teaching.

To God be the Glory, Forever and Ever, Amen.


I wrote this in my diary the other day, and although it's not perfect I decided to share it anyway.

"The throne of God is at the centre of the universe, and empires and emperors are among the creatures of the outer circle who exist to give praise to God."*

This sort of gave me a new perspective on things: I exist to give praise to God.

Everything I do: The way I act, dress, talk, and think, all of these things should give glory to God. They should be evidence that my life is about giving praise to God.

If I say crude or perverted things, yell at my brother or sister, talk back to my mum, say something negative to/about a friend or myself, or bludge when I should be working or studying, then how is that going to give praise to God?

If my life is about giving praise to God, then I should be saying wholesome, encouraging things, speaking kindly to my brothers and sisters, respecting my parents, encouraging friends, refusing to say negative things about people and about myself, and believing that everyone (including me) is precious in God's eyes.

This would then prayerfully change how I feel about my family and friends, and how I react to them and speak to them. People should see a definite difference in my life, I would know that my worth is in God, and all of that would be bringing praise to God.

* Quote from "The God I Don't Understand" by Christopher J. H. Wright. pg. 64

Thursday, 5 February 2009

My Dirty Car

I got my car in late October. I bought it from my older sister, and although she was going to clean it before she sold it to me she didn't end up cleaning it because things were hectic for her around that time.
Fast forward 3 months later, and I still hadn't cleaned it. Need I mention that it was filthy?
I kept meaning to clean it, but kept putting it off because I didnt' want to clean it by myself.
However, on Tuesday morning, my Mum called me out to my car and told me to bring a microfibre cloth so that I could clean the bonnet of my car. She told me that if I didn't clean it, my paint would deteriorate, and it would cost heaps of money to repaint my car.
So, like the good girl I am, I cleaned the bonnet (after Mum had lovingly chucked a bucket of water on the bonnet for me), and then I decided that I couldn't have my bonnet looking clean and the rest of my car filthy, and I proceeded to clean the rest of my car. Only, while I went around and cleaned the doors, boot, spoiler, etc. I had conveniently forgotten that the roof needed cleaning too! Well, much as I wanted my car to look perfect, I wasn't about to clean my roof and then have the grubby water spill all over the rest of my clean car!
So, the roof on my car is still grubby, and so are the windows, but I plan on getting my tall little brother to clean my roof (somehow without water :P), and I'll clean the windows soon :)