Saturday, 21 February 2009


It was confirmed on Thursday night that I'm going to be teaching the kids' Bible study at home group.

I'm really excited, but sort of nervous at the same time.
I'm excited because I know that God is going to use me for His Kingdom, and I'm excited to see what He's going to do with this, but on the other hand, I'm nervous because I don't want to teach them incorrectly, that they won't respect me, and that they won't learn anything.

However, I'm stil excited because I know that God is in charge, I know that nothing is impossible with God, I know that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

I'm praying that God will use me in a huge way through this, and that I would grow in Him through teaching.

To God be the Glory, Forever and Ever, Amen.


Anonymous said...

nice work :)

Melinda said...

That's great to see that you are taking this big step. As long as you keep praying to God about what you are teaching them then I'm sure you will be fine and teach them the right things. Also remember that if they are not respecting you then it is an attitude thing that their parents need to sort out and remember they will be in the other room for help. I'm sure with the group of kid's that you have you will be fine though. Good Luck.

Rachel said...

yeah that's awesome Jewelz :)
you'll do great. and i'll pray for you.
btw, is there any way i can look at Mel's blog? cos last time i tried, it was blocked so maybe there's a username or something i need (like yours)? would you be able to ask her?

Felicity said...

That's awesome! Can you come to Jeff's bible study Friday night too and teach 4-10 year olds??! Keep your eyes and heart fixed on God and your love and passion for Him will overflow into their lives!