Sunday, 18 January 2009

Over a month...

That's how long it's been since I've blogged! Sorry, Rach!

In the past month a lot has happened.

We went to Stansbury on the 19th of December to spend Christmas away from home. Michael, Mel, Caleb, and Tim all came down on the 23rd, and we celebrated Christmas on the 24th because Mike, Mel, and Caleb had to go back that night.
We played tennis on Christmas Day, and ate 3 types of roast meat for lunch.
I got a CD player for Christmas, a nice top, a picnic rug, and a few bits and pieces.
We got back from Stansbury on the 26th, and Kristy and I went into Koorong with Rosie because of the sale :)

We left for McLaren Vale on the 28th and spent a very fun week there camping with people from church. We celebrated Mum's birthday on the 31st, and New Year's Day on the 1st. We were struggling to stay up until midnight, but we all managed to do it. Just.
We left McLaren Vale on the 5th, and were home for 4 days before leaving for Mt. Gambier on the 10th. It was great being down in Mt. Gambier and catching up with Kristy. I read lots of books, and we got icecream at Badenocks (spelling?). The coolest thing was that on Sunday afternoon, we had just gotten icecream from Badenocks and we spontaneously decided to go to Portland (about 1 1/2 hours away in Victoria). We hung out there for most of the afternoon, and we went into this little cafe that had HOMEMADE ICECREAM! We were soo wishing that we hadn't bought icecream earlier because they had Apple Pie Icecream, and Coconut Icecream, and a whole bunch of other flavours, and they all looked absolutely delicious!

We got back from Mt. Gambier on the 14th, and it's really nice to be done with travelling. I loved the time away, but it's nice not to have to pack up and ride in the car for a couple hours anymore :)

P.S. That was a really run-on post :P

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