Tuesday, 13 December 2011


- Well, my blog is now public! I was hoping that this would make me feel more accountable to post, but so far it hasn't done anything but made me feel more guilty.

- I tried to participate in the 'What I Wore Wednesday', but it's very hard to take good, full-length pictures of yourself, and I keep forgetting to ask my hubby to do it for me. Maybe I need to find his tripod and figure out how to set that up?

- We're slowly settling into our new home. There are still a few packed boxes, but that's stuff that needs to stay packed away.

- I start piano lessons up again next week, and I'm a bit nervous about it because I haven't played in a very long time. Almost two years, I think.
I am looking forward to it, though. My piano teacher is a lovely person, and I miss seeing her and catching up with her, so this will be a lovely excuse to hang out and be (lovingly) horrible to each other!

- I am trying to learn good portion sizes, good food habits, and overall healthy living. For me,  this means that I'm tracking my calorie intake. This seems to be the only way of keeping myself accountable, and the only way of knowing that I'm eating the right amounts of food. I'm using Livestrong's MyPlate, and I seem to be coping with it fairly well. I'm hoping that I can make this a long-term thing, and not just a fad that keeps coming in and out. I want to eat healthily, and I want to be responsible with how much food I take in.
I'm also going to the gym most days of the week. I really enjoy it, and I think that I feel a lot better afterwards.

- I bought some Halftee's just after Thanksgiving, and I got them yesterday! I've already been wearing them, and I love them! I'm actually kinda excited for summer because it will mean less layers under clothes, which will be cooler for me.

That's all the miscellaneous 'stuff' that's been going on in my life, so I'll finish up now. Hopefully I'll be back with an actual post not TOO far in the future.

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