Monday, 23 June 2008

Work Experience

For the past 7 or 8 weeks I've been doing work experience at Craigmore Christian School. It's nearly over, and I'm so sad. I have 3 days left :(
I've really enjoyed my time at the school. I love seeing my friends even though I can't really talk to them for long, I love being a help, I love smiling and thinking that a smile might just cheer someone else's day up, and I love the work. I really don't mind filing (it gives me a chance to go off into la-la land :P), and I enjoy photocopying things, I like filling out enrolment information, I like folding letters etc., I like stuffing envelopes, I like answering the phone,and I like addressing envelopes (and I'm sure I've forgotten quite a few things that I've done!).
I've loved it, and I'm really glad I was able to help. Also, I'm really thankful to the school for giving me the opportunity, and I'm really glad that I learnt a lot of new things.


Anonymous said...

you sound like pollyanna :)

Rach said...

i'm so glad you love it!
... have you finished the work experience now? or did you just feel like writing about it?
when you're done, do you reckon they'd take me on?? ;-)

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your time at the school. I'm sure you will be missed. Well done to a great job done!!!
Love suzanne

Anonymous said...

You are a delight!! I'm sure they will miss your smiley face and encouraging, cheery countenance... am so glad you've enjoyed the experience! And I have to say: "You are also doing such a great job of "multi-tasking"!!" So proud of you! Hug you soon... Lots of love, Jacqui xo

Anonymous said...

It has been a joy to see your smiling face around the place!! :)
Love HD XX